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Smell The Rainbow, Rainbow Kiss, Lemon Meringue, La belle, Stress Relief, Sleepy, Jasmine & Ruby, Golden Orchid, Creed, Strawberry and lily, Rhubarb and Custard, Bora Bora, Pumpkin pecan waffles, Dead man chest (Blackcurrant liquorice), Rose wonderland, Black opium, A thousand wishes, Lemon and raspberry tonic, Mademoiselle, Fizzy vimto, Savuage, Lavender (essential oil), Fresh linen, Sea spray, Welsh daffodil, Marshmallow and white peach, Marshmallow and lemon butter cream, Marshmallow and Sweet Clementine, Marshmallow and Tropical Mango, Marshmallow and Pink Lychee, Marshmallow and Hawaiian Pineapple, Candy Hearts, Gin & Tonic, Strawberry milkshake, Cherry bon bon, Sherbet Lemon, Lavender marshmallow, Berry Pop, Comforter, Avo-Bath, Snow Pixie, Red berry cooler, Pink gin, Strawberry Calpol, birthday cake, sleepy, Raspberry candy floss, roulette, Like a boss, marshmazing, one million, Banana milkshake, rox moon and stars (imp), Icing sugar, Lenny Frosted Eucalyptus, Lemon & Raspberry tonic, Jupe, Shes a flower, Dr p, Passionfruit Martini, Seaside Doughnuts, Lilt, Bum Bum Cream, welsh cakes, Cherry drops, Sun Cream, Hotel of dreams, Honey i c;leaned the kids, sour patch, Serendipity, Nag Champa, Grandads allotment, Black raspberry & Vanilla, Pink Sands, fizz pops

1 review for Snap Bars

  1. Charley (verified owner)

    These snap bars are excellent value for money and smell divine. I am currently using ‘old book shop’ which has such a distinctive and homely smell. I used just one square and have been burning almost daily for the last week and there is still loads in my burner. The scents stay in the air for a long time too!

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