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Smell The Rainbow, Rainbow Kiss, Lemon Meringue, La belle, Sleepy, Jasmine & Ruby, Golden Orchid, Creed, Strawberry and lily, Rhubarb and Custard, Bora Bora, Pumpkin pecan waffles, Dead man chest (Blackcurrant liquorice), Rose wonderland, Black opium, A thousand wishes, Lemon and raspberry tonic, Mademoiselle, Fizzy vimto, Savuage, Lavender (essential oil), Fresh linen, Sea spray, Welsh daffodil, Candy Hearts, Gin & Tonic, Strawberry milkshake, Cherry bon bon, Sherbet Lemon, Lavender marshmallow, Berry Pop, Comforter, Avo-Bath, Snow Pixie, Red berry cooler, Pink gin, Strawberry Calpol, birthday cake, sleepy, Raspberry candy floss, roulette, Like a boss, marshmazing, one million, Banana milkshake, rox moon and stars (imp), Icing sugar, Lenny Frosted Eucalyptus, Lemon & Raspberry tonic, Jupe, Shes a flower, Dr p, Passionfruit Martini, Seaside Doughnuts, Lilt, Bum Bum Cream, welsh cakes, Cherry drops, Sun Cream, Hotel of dreams, sour patch, Serendipity, Nag Champa, Grandads allotment, Black raspberry & Vanilla, Pink Sands, fizz pops

1 review for Snap Bars

  1. Charley (verified owner)

    These snap bars are excellent value for money and smell divine. I am currently using ‘old book shop’ which has such a distinctive and homely smell. I used just one square and have been burning almost daily for the last week and there is still loads in my burner. The scents stay in the air for a long time too!

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